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A Rose By Any Other Name?


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In the meantime, I want to gripe about people who insist on calling me by a name that I don’t go by. It’s irritating as all hell. For example, let’s say my given name was “Daniel asphnxma”. Every time I meet someone new, I introduce myself as “Dan”. Every time I answer the phone or sign an email, I use “Dan”. Yet it never ceases to amaze me that many, many people insist on calling me “Daniel”, not even five secons after I’ve introduced myself as “Dan”.

Me: Hi, I’m Dan.

Them: Nice to meet you, Daniel.

I usually try to correct someone the first time they make the mistake with a simple “Please, call me Dan”. The interesting thing, though, is that some people never learn, and some people clearly never TRY to learn. On the bright side, it’s a handy tool for filtering people who are really interested in getting to know me better from those who aren’t.

It may seem odd to some people that this is such a sticking point for me, but I really much prefer to go by “Dan” than “Daniel”. Anyone who paid attention around me for about ten minutes would learn that. People who consistently call me “Daniel” clearly haven’t taken the time to learn the first, most important thing about me – the name I choose to go by – so I usually choose not to learn much more about them.

Bottom line: pay attention when people introduce themselves to you. They’re telling you the name they want you to call them.

A Note to My Readers

I hate misconceptions and I hate petty behavior, so I’m going to try to slay both with one post.

On the right side of this page, there is a list of links to other people’s blogs. They have been there for a long time. Periodically, I add links to the list when I come across other blogs that I’d like to link, or when I notice other blogs that have linked to me (I think recipro-linking is an easy, nice thing to do).

When I do add blogs to my blogroll, I add them at the TOP — call me weird, but that’s the way I do it. So, for example, some of the first blogs I ever linked to belonged to Iggy, Felicia, and Pauly, three of the oldest and most widely read blogs. The newer ones get added to the top and, hopefully, generate a little extra traffic for their owners that they might not otherwise get if I threw them at the bottom of the list.

I am always happy to add blogs to my blogroll, especially blogs that have linked to me which, for whatever reason (usually ignorance or negligence), I don’t have linked here. Just leave me a comment and I’ll add you. But for pete’s sake, don’t think that your position in my list has any significance other than the order in which I found you. Thanks.

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