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Are You Living in a Toxic Home | Medical spas near me san diego

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Most normal houses are full of hazards. Studies have shown air pollution inside the home is often more dangerous than city smog. This is because most homes contain a cocktail of allergens, chemicals and radiation. Scary stuff, isn’t it? Home is the safest place to be – a haven from danger and the enemy – until the advent of modern-day living and a whole new strain of bacteria and spectrum of chemical poisons. Today, there is no better way to protect yourselves than to know where possible dangers could lurk in the home. If you need more related services or best “Medical spas near me san diego” consulting, visit this website today –

Here are 4 common pollutants that you should take note of:

  1. Toxic fumes from:

Particle board of vinyl plastic furniture

Synthetic furnishing and curtains

Fabric finishes

Paint, varnish and glue

Synthetic carpet and underlay

  1. Electro-magnetic radiation from:

TV, radio and clock radio

Electric blanket

  1. Germs, mould and fungi in:


Damp bathroom

Airconditioning and heating ducts

  1. House dust mites in:


Fluffy toys


The hazards can affect everyone, but babies and children are most at risk because their immune and nervous systems are developing. Their brain is still developing and can be damaged permanently by neurotoxins such as solvents.

These household contaminants can be responsible for illnesses such as:




Chemical sensitivities

Chronic fatigue syndrome

Many noxious chemicals can affect immunity, your nervous system, and may even cause infertility or change the genes you are passing on to your children.

While there is still no proof that electromagnetic radiation can cause cancer, some scientists believe there is a link. Studies have also shown that pregnant women using electric blankets may be more at risk of miscarriage.

Modern-day living could be giving your home sweet home a noxious environment and actually harming your family’s health.

Here are 15 things to do for a healthy, low-allergy, and toxin-free home:

  1. Keep your furnishings sparse and natural.
  2. Open doors and windows when you are at home.
  3. Choose plant-based organic paint and wood stains and natural finishes like wax.
  4. Use a battery-operated clock radio instead of an electric one.
  5. Make sure your house has adequate ventilation.
  6. Include plenty of indoor plants to soak up toxic chemicals.
  7. Most synthetic cleansers contain petrochemicals, solvents and other pollutants, so look for natural, toxic-free, biodegradable household cleaners. Or try using old favorites – white vinegar, salt, sodium bicarbonate and lemon.
  8. If you must have carpets, have them steam-cleaned regularly.
  9. Choose furniture made from solid timber instead of plastics and particle board, which contains formaldehyde.
  10. Use natural fibers such as wool, cotton, linen and silk for curtains, carpets and furnishings instead of synthetics.
  11. Try using hot-water bottles instead of an electric blanket.
  12. Get your microwave checked for leakage – especially if it is a few years old.
  13. Install bathroom and kitchen exhaust fans (vented outside).
  14. Use essential oils instead of air fresheners to give a room fragrance.
  15. Sit more than 2 meters away from your television screen.

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