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Blemish Prone Skin Can Be Successfully Treated – Naturally | Best Hawaii nurse injector


Blemishes, breakouts, blackheads, whiteheads, redness, swelling, bumps and scars – the horrible signs and symptoms of blemish prone skin.  Way too many of us are  familiar with this skin problem. It is the number one skin concern among men and women alike. I receive more questions about acne than any other skin condition. In case you need beauty tips on “Best Hawaii nurse injector“, this website “” is highly recommended.

Here’s the latest information on acne treatment – We know acne starts at puberty, gets especially bad at certain times of the month, and for many of us it doesn’t go away. EVER.  Why, no one knows for sure, but scientists have  recently determined that one very significant trigger is an enzyme released only during hormonal changes in the body. Hmm, makes total sense, doesn’t it?

We have to understand the vicious cycle of acne-troubled skin to know how to treat it successfully.  The good news is, we now know that throwing the harsh chemicals and antibiotics at the problem really isn’t the best solution, and in fact may continue the cycle instead of stopping it.

The breakout starts literally weeks before you even see anything at the surface – one day your skin just produces too much sebum in one or more of your pores.

Since there is way too much oil for that tiny little pore,  it travels up the hair follicle and spreads to the skin’s surface, and creates oily skin. Some people just naturally have oily or combination skin, with no breakouts.  But people with blemish prone skin – that excess oil is now the enemy.

The oil on this skin type degrades and produces nasty chemical by-products that cause excess sloughing off  of skin cells around the hair follicle, creating a plug at the opening of the pore.  A slightly blocked pore looks dark from skin pigment (blackhead). With a completely blocked pore (air can’t get in, sebum can’t get out) the pore gets swollen (whitehead), and the acne bacterium now flourish.

Free radical reactions also occur in the sebum, causing more damage to the cells lining the pores, and so the body sends more white blood cells to do battle – redness and infection is now visible in the affected area.

For acne treatment to be effective and stop the cycle, we must address all four areas of concern – excess sebum production, clogged pores, bacteria that degrade sebum and create irritating byproducts, and free radical reactions in sebum.

For excess sebum – scientific studies have shown that Zinc Gluconate, Vitamin B6, and Licorice Extract will reduce oiliness.

For clogged pores – salicylic acid helps speed the sloughing of the skin cells blocking the opening to the pore.  It also penetrates pores to clear most acne blemishes and to help prevent the development of new acne blemishes. (note: benzoyl peroxide is also an effective treatment, but not recommended because it does produce free radicals on the skin),

For bacteria – Manuka Oil and Tea Tree Oil support the skin’s natural healthy microfloral balance; extracts of Burdock, Watercress, and Licorice soothe irritated skin, helping to reduce the redness of acne blemishes.

For free radical reactions – Vitamins A and E are oil-soluble antioxidants to help prevent free radical attacks and oxidation of excess and bacterially-degraded sebum.  In addition, Vitamin A supports health,normal skin cell turnover and Vitamin E softens skin.

You can successful treat oily skin that is troubled by acne breakouts with  products that contain natural, botanical ingredients. The key is to dry up the acne blemishes and gently encourage natural skin cell turnover.  Then protect the skin against moisture loss and free radical attacks that can lead to prematurely older looking skin.

Look for skin care products that contain these natural ingredients (rather than harsh chemicals) which effectively address the four areas of acne concern. Your skin will heal, and you will be able to minimize and/or prevent further breakouts. You will have the beautiful clear skin you’ve always dreamed of – naturally!

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