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Chelsea Win Every Match Casino Malaysia


Chelsea are priced at the tempting sounding odds of 200/1 with Casino Malaysia to win every Premier league match this season (2005-2006)

Paddypower Bookmakers originally had Chelsea at 150/1 to win all 38 league matches, but were talked into offering 200/1 about the incredible feat, by Rodney Marsh and Paul Breen Turner on Talksport Radio this afternoon.

Chelsea won’t win all 38 league matches. They are 6 and 0 at the moment after beating Charlton 2-0 away at the Valley in their latest match on th e weekend. Who will beat or draw with Chelsea is a good question. Nevertheless, Chelsea won’t go 38 and 0.

Gambling Spam Boom

Gambling Spam increased by a massive 1500% during the summer according to

Healthcare spam is still the most common form of junk email, accounting for 41 per cent of all spam. Financial products came in second at 31 per cent.

Gamblog comment >> Now that’s a “gambling boom” of a negative kind, the online gambling industry could do without.

I’ve spent much of this year looking at funding sources for spyware vendors.

The most prevalent spyware applications earn their revenues by showing ads.

But who puts the ads there, why, and how?

Much of the spyware problem results from ads placed by advertising intermediaries.

Suppose an advertiser buys pay-per-click ads from Yahoo. Yahoo shows PPC ads when users run searches at — but it also pays various spyware distributors (including vendors as notorious as 180solutions and Direct Revenue) to show these ads in popups, popunders, and sidebars. Yahoo never tells advertisers what is occurring, and advertisers have no way to opt out of Yahoo’s syndication programs (except by severing their entire relationship with Yahoo — meaning canceling their ads too).   Details: How Yahoo Funds Spyware

Of course Yahoo isn’t the only intermediary creating relationships between advertisers and spyware vendors. Earlier this year, I wrote a program that examined tens of thousands of distinct pop-up ads shown by 180solutions, and counted hich advertising intermediaries supported, placed, tracked or facilitated these ads. Google’s AdSense ads appeared in thousands of 180’s ads, and ads from aQuantive’s Atlas, from DoubleClick, and from ValueClick’s FastClick were also quite frequent.   Details: Intermediaries’ Role in the Spyware Mess

Other spyware funding arrives through affiliate networks. Online merchants often look to “affiliate” relationships for low-cost promotion by numerous small web sites (affiliates). But some affiliates buy pop-ups from spyware vendors — meaning merchants’ ads appear through spyware without merchants ever knowing, or ever intending to do business with spyware vendors.

Other affiliates use spyware to cheat merchants — claiming affiliate commissions without actually doing anything to recommend merchants. These problems reach to the highest levels within affiliate marketing — companies like Gateway and Dell, among hundreds of others. Meanwhile, affiliate networks LinkShare and Commission Junction can’t manage to get to the bottom of these persistent problems. But many merchants don’t seem to care — and apparently neither does Rakuten, which is slated to buy LinkShare for an incredible $425 million, notwithstanding LinkShare’s various spyware dealings.   Details: How Affiliate Programs Fund Spyware

Finally, some advertisers remain willing to buy spyware-delivered ads — and

even defend this practice when asked. When asked about spyware, an Expedia spokesperson recently told the Associated Press that “It is just a marketing tool that we use.” Expedia claims to have “rigorous standards” for advertising software, but I documented Expedia buying ads with notorious spyware programs widely known to install without consent — not to mention installing through pornographic videos, ads targeted at kids, instant message spam, and numerous other tricks.   Details: How Expedia Funds Spyware

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