Bonus No Deposit Uncategorized High Roller WPT Grand Prix de Paris 2023: Online Casino Malaysia

High Roller WPT Grand Prix de Paris 2023: Online Casino Malaysia


24 Online Casino Malaysia gathered once again at the Aviation Club de France (ACF) on the Champs Elysées to participate in the High Roller World Poker Tour Grand Prix de Paris 2023 which took place over 2 days. It is the American professional player Freddy Deeb of Lebanese origin who wins the tournament and the modest sum of €290,000.

wpt high roller 2023 High Roller WPT Grand Prix de Paris 2023: Winner Freddy Deeb

After a fine 2nd place at the France Poker Tour at the end of January 2023, Freddy Deeb won against Sorel Mizzi and the Frenchman Roger Hairabedian. He is now part of the history of the greatest players of the ACF, his tournament winnings are then estimated at nearly 8 million dollars. After winning the $50,000 Horse event in 2023, a magnificent tournament where it is essential to master the most popular variants of poker such as hold’em, omaha or even stud…Freddy Deeb enters at this time. in the top 30 biggest poker tournament winners. Today he has nothing to envy to other poker stars who are certainly more publicized than him!

Theo Jorgensen wins the WPT Grand Prix de Paris at the ACF

05/18/10 by Alexis Capron

The World Poker Tour (WPT) has made its big comeback in Paris on the Champs Elysées in the famous gaming club of the capital, the Aviation Club de France. 246 players, the majority of whom were French, came to the event, which took place over 4 days from May 8 to 15, with a buy-in of 10,000 euros to participate in this prestigious tournament for a prize pool of €2,347,797.

wpt theo jorgensen Theo Jorgensen wins the WPT Grand Prix de Paris at the ACF

It was 5 days of exciting poker bringing together all the gratin of French poker and giving way to a splendid final on Saturday. 5 Frenchmen still finished in the home stretch and 3 Scandinavians including the favorites Theo Jorgensen who won ahead of the tricolor Antoine Amourette.

Throughout the tournament Theo Jorgensen showed impressive consistency. In the final he started with the biggest stack on the table and was therefore not really worried, even finishing in 4 hands against the last Frenchman Antoine Amourette.

This great victory allows the Dane to win his seat of 25,000 dollars for the Bellagio and the sum of 633,902 euros in earnings. Theo Jorgensen succeeds Christer Johansson for season 1, David Benyamine for season 2, Surinder Sunar for season 3, Roland de Wolfe for season 4 and Christian Grundtvig for season 5 of WPT Paris.

It remains of course to congratulate the very good performance of our 5 French and especially that of Antoine Amourette who signs an incredible second place as a non-sponsored professional player.

David Benyamine, who won the World Poker Tour in Paris in 2023, therefore remains the only Frenchman to have won a WPT in Paris.

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