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How to treatment melasma skin care beauty?

Treatment melasma the simplest way is to use sunscreens, which are often used have a sunscreen, suntan lotion, sunscreen oil, the purchase of these products must first know what type of skin, and easy way is to use paper in their own nose-click and found that there are bright paper grease on your skin that is oily, it should be optional emulsion. If the paper is no oil, then select the scope of the larger, can choose lotion, cream or oil. If a little oil, is not so serious, you can select cream. You can also learn about “where can fillers be used on face“, click here

The second is to back the black agents, many people travel back, the whole black people, this time can use the 3% -5% hydroquinone cream, apply two weeks on the skin can be reinstated, but not long-term dependence on this chemical drugs, it does not fundamentally solve the problem of the skin and can only clear the skin pigment, and pigment layer of the dermis are powerless.

The third is the systemic infusion of vitamin C, intravenous 3-5 grams, can make melanin from deep shallow. Drops of 20-30 times the general need to play a role only Chloasma.

The fourth is the laser, Photorejuvenation. At present, the largest in the country should be considered speculation Photorejuvenation, and this combination of light hitting the skin, can be shattered pigment Mission, the body will swap its absorption or excretion. That approach, while convenient, they are not frequently used, because the summer sunshine long time, climate is hot, the skin will also need time to repair, it is recommended once a month is appropriate. At the same time, manufacturers have to look for the formal apparatus, only the standard equipment used in order to guarantee results.

Prevent acne break out

Perhaps you might feel confused, and winter is also grow acne? The answer is: Of course. Dermatologist said that the oily skin of the people, in the winter, although still a part of T-oil, but the site has cheeks will dry due to climate change, which transformed into a mixed skin, if not for different parts of doing the right added fats, it will cause a blockage of the pores, causing acne sustained grow, and some neutral persons skin, the use of excessive moisture of the skin care products, will have the same problem occurred when the season is like tonic too far , resulting in lit and the same reasoning.

  1. Oily skin, even in the winter, T word or part of the fuel a lot of moisture can not do, but for easy dry cheeks, it is recommended to do moderate moisture.


  1. Moisturizing products in the choice of who to choose non-induced pox or acne formulation, in particular, contained in IPP or comprehensive management, such as easily lead to acne-generated synthetic resin or mineral oils, it is best to avoid.


  1. Although the winter to switch to a higher oil content moisturizing products, but in the end how to measure the proportion of oil and water do? Li Hong physician said that there is no standard answer, the best way is to own more than try, and then listen to the voices of the skin , as long as the skin feel comfortable to use, that is suitable moisturizing products.


  1. Of oily skin texture are concerned, only the skin is still out of control oil, but suggested that winter, it would be best to reduce the frequency of wash, such as washing one days in spring and summer, when 3 – 4 times the face, fall and winter when the day to wash 2 times enough to avoid over-cleaning, resulting in foreign oil within the state of dry skin troubles.



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