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If the f 먹튀in the game no longer fun


The game is only fun and games, until you reach the point where you no longer see the fun, or you are hopelessly addicted. It is true that most people don’t see. You start the game with noble motives, counting-

– the need for time away from work and family pressure

– escape of the depressing thoughts about other topics.

– the hope to gain a fortune and luxurious live

–              bring a hint of excitement in her life without mercy

–              a chance to socialize and make new friends.

–              Loosing-money

As you, the above points can see, nobody expected that game will be the Frankenstein, who now threatens to push them off the cliff of reason. Many people are able to keeptheir missions in pure. You do it for fun, to pass the time and to socialize .Otherslose it completely. Be to play online and offline slaves. It solves your life out of balance. They begin to put more time and money on the game, and they neglect gradually other aspects of their lives.At the moment players in trouble look back on their lives and be surprised in how and when it happened.

For many people, the problem starts with a change of mentality. Agreat loss or win big, and you are addicted. You get more money than you have planned to spend to gambling, you invest a lot of time in casinos, and marriage you know it, you’re a slave to the game to play. You can not eat, sleep or breathe withoutthinking game.

To help you understand how gambling analyze some works often more and more deeply looking for factors that draw people into the.

The illusion that you can consider for the chance

No one can control the way. It encourage not somebody intelligent or not.Unfortunately, many players with problems, which exposed they could, in order tocancel his luck at the tables by the sheer power of the spirit. They have distorted thisillusion that they can win if they can learn the tricks of the game. They spent hours end in casinos, trying to perfect their game. You recognize the fact that the game 100%chance and not as something learned. There are no tricks and know that all will suddenly to overturn one of the tables in your favor.

The lure of jackpot

Win you a few rounds in the tables can feel invincible. Everyone loves to win, and the science proved that people remember himself in his victories more than they remember their losses. Fortunately or unfortunately probably have in this case, what is known as “Beginner’s luck” to new players. To start their hobbies games, with the right foot. Are owned by the idea to win the jackpot.

Who think to change the luck

In life, we are obliged to procure every autumn. Go to the end. We are to realize, if wedon’t give up our goals. Who wants to finally end, while the Golden vein can be only a few inches apart. There is only one place this advice does not apply. If your quests lucky be favoured, there is little chance that you will never do that. The statistics are open toanyone who would like to take a look. Game ends only in huge losses, liabilities andfrayed social relationships. There is no better time to give up now. Luck will soon smile  for you.

How to recognize when you are addicted to gambling

While there is clear evidence indicating that you will be the way of looking, it can be very difficult to identify, if you don’t know what they are. This is probably the saddest thing about looking for. Never know that we are addicted until you step back and look at us, in hindsight, at which point the damage inflicted.

In this section, we discuss the 5 big red flags need to be careful.

you can’t stop

Remember the wise Agen Bolaplayer of Kenny Rogers about singing? Each player, the wise knowswhen to hold and when the flap. On the other hand, the compulsive players have setno limits. They want to throw it all, they have to think, they have fun, attacks, when infact they themselves controlled his will by constraints.

gambling with the money that is not made for fun

Problem gamblers playing with money that can not stand it, lose. You have set a budget, risk game and often raise money for important things, not about such medical costs and other bills.

Play to win or loss

If you need to have more than game for the sole purpose of hitting the jackpot as fun,you use the same in to write a review. Same case applies, if the main driving force behind, is the game get the losses that you have previously suffered.

Compulsive thinking about gambling.

If you eat, drink and sleep, think about the game, you can be already too deep in the trench.

Loans to finance bets

You have already lent money to the to finance gambling? Chances are, if you have not so good looking things.

Other important pointers that indicate a problem with the game going? I think youknow her better.Know, what raises the red flag and the siren on the back of your mind.Many players realize the symptoms that point to the problems of the game in their lives, however, stop becomes a swamp.

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