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Key Elements to Write a Professional Narrative Essay

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There are numerous kinds of essays such as argumentative, descriptive, narrative, etc and every essay has its own purpose and writing structure which always confuses students. Even most of the students get confused while differentiating between the narrative and descriptive essays. While, both are different from each other because narrative, means the narration of story (USEW, 2022) and descriptive essay is somehow in which you have to provide your perspective.

This is the reason, most of the students even search for writers so they don’t have to face any confusion. Further, this article will help you to understand the format clearly and provide huge information regarding the narrative essay.

Purpose of a narrative essay

Although, every essay help student to grow variety of skills including critical thinking skills, research and so on (Shekerbayeva, Azina Nurievna, and Mensulu Karshygaevna Sekenova, 2018), but the main purpose of a narrative essay is to share the story – that’s the key purpose. Being a writer, you have to describe the entire story which you have experienced yourself, and also describe why you chose this story to be shared, why it matters.

Types of narrative essay

Before writing a narrative essay, you must have an idea of what you want to communicate and how to do it. Otherwise, writing a narrative essay can be much more complicated. Although, there are several types of narrative essays and these are:


  • It is a novel-based narrative essay type that is totally based on the writer’s ideas, thoughts and feelings.
  • It can be presented in a short story.


  • A type of narrative essay in which you have to share real information.
  • One of the best examples of biographies.


  • It can fictional and non-fictional as well
  • In this type of narrative essay the expression, feelings, and ideas given intensity by the distinctive style and rhythm.

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