Bonus No Deposit game New Slots Game Brought By Win A Day Casino

New Slots Game Brought By Win A Day Casino

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Gypsy Charm, a new slots game, was recently released by Win A Day Casino which showcases the theme of a fortune teller and includes two different bonus games and extra features. This game was most certainly loved by players in the community for a lot of reasons. A free spins round is one of the bonus games at Gypsy Charm that truly charmed the players. It can be activated by finding the Prophetess along with her ball of crystal. There are three wild symbols that can increase the chances of winning in this bonus game. In this round, the additional free spins and the Fortune Teller bonus game can also be triggered.

When a Fortune Teller and Tarot Card symbols appear on the reels, the Fortune Teller bonus game can be activated. Players have the task to choose Tarot cards in order to reveal multipliers during this bonus game and the maximum Togel Singapore multiplier that can be won is 15x. Players liked the game particularly one who asked not to be named who was just testing the game. He said that he loved the bonus games since it gives him more chances to win lots of money in extra. He also mentioned that the multipliers can in fact add up very fast and can give a good incentive to the players for a continuous playing experience.

Since it was launched, many players have already won some decent amounts of money and it made some buzz in the online blackjack community. With this, more players are drawn into Gypsy Charm as it becomes publicly talked about in the online industry. One of the many reasons why players love the game is because the game can accept multiple denominations of coins and with just a minimum bet of 5 cents to a maximum of one dollar, players can already get the chance to win thousands and even millions. Additionally, the players are able to select the pay lines number from 5 to twenty-five depending on their playing needs along with the coin numbers they bet for each pay lines. For each spin, a minimum of $0.25 bet is required and a maximum of $125 for each spin.

Anti-Online Gambling Highlighted with Adelson’s G2E Presence

Innovations in the Internet particularly concerning gaming is a not a popular notion among wealthy and influential individuals. Sheldon Adelson, founder and owner of Las Vegas Sands Corp. is one of the most outspoken advocates going against Internet betting in all its forms. Adelson has been actively protesting and putting up massive efforts and funds in order to eradicate the presence of virtual bookmaking in the U.S. This means now online blackjack, video slots, and other casino games accessed through the Internet or any other mobile devices. In the recently concluded Global Gaming Expo 2014 or G2E held in Las Vegas, the exec once again expressed his opposition against Internet gambling.

Adelson reiterated his stand saying that there is no reason why players should access casinos right from their mobile devices. He added that it is impossible to know players and customers on the Internet. As a huge fundraiser supporting the Republican Party, Adelson’s advocacy against Internet betting has become a big trouble for republicans who are basically on the fence when it comes to the prohibition of virtual wagering in the U.S. According to sources such as Google and Forbes, Adelson is now ranked 12th in the list of America’s richest people despite increasing his $31.4 billion worth with nearly $3 billion more this year. Some are saying that Adelson has personal grievances hence his pursuit in banning Internet gaming in the States. These are speculations despite his claim that virtual gambling is a threat to youthful demographic.

The Las Vegas Sands mogul also commented that the reason why he is against virtual betting is that this could threaten families. Adelson used his own family as an example which he claimed has suffered the “scourges” of gaming. The CEO also added that as a gambler, his father made life less happy for him and the rest of their family. Despite this, many see Adelson’s stance as hypocritical and insinuate that he is against Internet betting simply because it poses a competitive threat to his physical casino empire. The republicans claimed the previous presidential election showed their opposition against regulation of Internet betting on a federal scale.




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