Hey again Titan Casino fans! Long time no speak, eh? A while back I wrote up a review of The Incredible Hulk AGEN138 and promised to check back every so often with reviews of more games. Well, it’s been a couple months but I’m finally back with another game report 🙂 . This time I decided to try my luck at another Marvel-themed game (I’m a closet Marvel Comics junkie), but instead of going for another slot game, I thought it would be interesting to try the all-new Marvel Roulette that’s just debuted at Titan Casino.

Initial Impressions and Goals

So, naturally, my first thought when choosing Marvel Roulette was to wonder what made it different from other standard roulette games. The difference was apparent right away, as I noticed a special blue slot on the roulette wheel right next to the green 0 slot. Everything else pretty much looked the same, but I also noticed there was no 00 slot, like in American Roulette.

Anyhow, right away I set myself a goal of trying to get that special bonus, so I decided that with every bet I’d make, I’d also place a $5 wager on the Marvel Bonus.

A Pretty Standard Online Casino Session

I’m pretty conservative when it comes to betting at roulette. The fact is I know it’s usually a longshot to hit on a number, 35:1 odds as a matter of fact, so despite the potential for a high payout, I don’t usually make single number bets. I prefer to place outside bets, while sometimes mixing in bets on groups of numbers, such as corner bets (4 numbers) and line bets (6 numbers). I know the payouts are lower (8:1 on corner bets, 5:1 on line bets, and either 2:1 or 1:1 on outside bets), but I feel more comfortable when my roulette wager has more board coverage for a couple reasons:

There’s obviously a better chance that I’ll win (even if it’s less money).

Generally, over the course of a session, I’m likely to have more winning spins, so even if I’m losing overall, my bankroll will last longer.

That second point couldn’t have been truer during my Marvel Roulette session, as after about 20 minutes I was definitely down quite a bit of money. This was especially disconcerting, as I was getting down to my “stop point” (loss limit) and hadn’t yet experienced what it was like to hit on the Marvel Bonus bet. But, just as I was considering getting up from the table…

I Finally Got Lucky and Hit the Marvel Bonus Bet

bonus_win_300X225Now this was cool! Especially after having such a big losing session, I was grateful to finally have hit the bet that I’d been waiting for all along. I didn’t know what to expect, except of course to finally add a bit to my depleted bankroll.

So the first thing that happened was that the roulette game morphed into a slot game. As I do before playing all slots, I carefully examined the payout chart. The special bonus gave me 3 spins to try and win anywhere from 5x to 100x my bet (the $5 I had placed on the roulette layout each time).

The first spin went well, as I hit 3 Thor icons to net a decent payout (x10 = $50). In the second spin, I wasn’t able to get 3 symbols to align on the payline. All that waiting and hoping for a measly $50? Despairingly I used my last bonus spin, and wouldn’t you know it, 3 Iron Man symbols lined up for me, the second highest bonus payout (x25), meaning I was just $125 richer!

Conclusion: A Nice Twist on Classic Online Roulette

Though my $175 in total bonus winnings from the Marvel Bonus payout were awesome, it still bring me back up to even for my session unfortunately. Then again, not having gotten lucky like that at the tail end of my roulette session would’ve made for a pretty tough loss to absorb.

That potential for an extra windfall of quick cash makes Marvel Roulette worth a try if you ask me. In retrospect, I just wish I had bet more than $5 on that lucky roulette spin so that that higher number would be multiplied by 10 and then 25 on the slot spins, haha.

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