Bonus No Deposit Education The Challenges of Conducting a Nursing Research

The Challenges of Conducting a Nursing Research

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Researching has always been given utmost importance as a part of any degree. Similarly, nursing research has risen greatly in prominence over the past research. It is recognized as vital for the development of the profession. Thus, many nurses are encouraged to become involved in clinical trials and other research projects. Researching built the foundation of practice, and now there have been more nursing journals than ever before. Which can help with nursing practice a lot.

The field of nursing has always been difficult and complicated, which is why most students, when they start their Bachelor of Science in Nursing, they feel like a mountain worth of burden has been thrown on them (dissertation proposal, 2021). There are many challenges faced by nurses during their research, some of which are mentioned below.

Challenges Due to Organizational Factors

This section includes all the challenges that are faced due to the organization.

The nurses are not given enough authority to change the patient’s care procedures according to their analysis. Which means they always need permission for every direction that they should go with procedures.

Most of the time, administrations do not cooperate with the implementation of nursing research. That causes a lot of problems and slows down the process.

Sometimes, there is inadequate money, manpower, material and a supportive environment.

Challenges Due to Individual Factor

Individual factors include the challenges that are faced due to their own personality traits, which may include their competency, the attitude or their way of handling situations, lack of confidence or sometimes financial issues.

Nurses also sometimes face communication gap issues with the other experts due to differentiating experience and knowledge levels.

Sometimes, the nurses couldn’t gather enough confidence to undertake the research, as they feel that fresh nurses are isolated from knowledgeable experts. Which means they need additional support from experts and colleagues.

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