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Win Your Way into the result hk Grand Freeroll Final



If you are a long time casino user, chances are you’re a fan of slots and table games like result hk. But how about poker? Poker is extremely popular because it pits you against other players rather than against the house. This means that skill becomes a large factor of the game and you, therefore, have the potential to win much more money. Because as fun as they are, there’s only so much money to be made playing Undersea Treasure Slots.


Many new poker players like to play online because it’s easily accessible and possible to play for smaller stakes. If you decide to do this, you will need a way to deposit money into your online account. You also need a way to access your profit. One option is Moneybookers, an e-wallet that allows you to transfer money to and from your bank account.


You may or may not know that Moneybookers is in the process of becoming Skrill. They have been slowly making the transition to Skrill for quite some time now, and they plan to have made the full transition by sometime in 2012.


Skrill has partnered with PokerStars to become the official payment processor of the European Poker Tour. As a way to celebrate, PokerStars is hosting the €10,000 Skrill Grand Freeroll Final. This freeroll will take place at the EPT Grand Final, and it will consist of just ten players. To win your way in, you must win a Skrill Grand Final Freeroll qualifier.


The only way to get a ticket for a Skrill Grand Final Freeroll qualifier is by depositing into your PokerStars account using Skrill. If you are registering for a new account, be sure to click one of our PokerStars links and use the PokerStars bonus code “STARS600″ to get an exclusive deposit bonus.


Each freeroll qualifier has an added cash prize pool. For example, the next Skrill Grand Final Freeroll qualifier is scheduled for October 23rd and will have €500 added. This is in addition to the prize pool that will be generated from an hour of €1 rebuys. Rebuys are unlimited.


Time and Circumstances Against Online Poker


Poker players in the U.S. are hoping for the regulation of online poker as soon as possible, but how soon can this realistically happen? It should come as no surprise that Black Friday and the Full Tilt Poker Ponzi scheme accusations have hurt the public reputation and perception of online poker in America. The problems caused by the Full Tilt Poker scandal, however, are possibly worse than you might initially think.

One of the main advocates for online poker legislation has always been the Poker Players Alliance (PPA). The PPA, however, had received the majority of their finances from Full Tilt Poker before the scandals. Knowing that plenty of eyebrows would be raised at this fact, the PPA is now trying to distance itself from Full Tilt as much as possible. There is concern that Americans will question the legitimacy of the PPA since it was almost entirely funded by the site.


Lawmakers that had received money from the PPA and Full Tilt are also in a tough spot. These people are now trying to distance themselves from both entities, especially Full Tilt. Some of them have pledged to donate the money they have received from the PPA and Full Tilt to charity. Such lawmakers include Shelley Berkley, Joe Heck, and Barney Frank.


It is discouraging to know that some of the biggest backers of online poker have pulled back in light of recent events. “Online poker, frankly, is way back in my head,” said Senator Harry Reid in a recent interview.


With elections in the U.S. rapidly approaching, the quick legalization of online poker seems highly unlikely. Politicians know that online gambling is a dangerous issue to deal with, so there is a high chance that its issues will be put on the back burner for quite some time.


Free to Play Site in California


On a brighter note, has been introduced by a few Indian tribes in California. These tribes operate a number of successful brick-and-mortar casinos, and they are pushing for legal online poker in their state.


While these sites are created for “educational and instructional purposes only”, the tribes believe that they are a great marketing tool. If online poker should become legal in California in the future, it is possible that people will remain loyal to these sites as they move to real money gambling.


It looks like residents of California will have plenty to choose from as other Indian tribes are also planning on launching these sites.


The Californian Senate will be looking at the issue of online poker again in January 2012.



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